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The present formula at 1:50 is:
Metol base 0.8g/L ,Sodium sulfite 1.7g/L .Sodium hydroxide 0.35g/L.
GW Crawley ,BJP Jan6 1961 suggested:
Metol 0.5g/L ,Sodium sulfite 1g/L ,Sodium carbonate 3g/L.
There is half a page about this,it cannot be summarized here,but notably he appeared impressed with the sharpness of it with the film of that era,Adox KB 17 etc.He noted the working solution had a short shelf life but did not suggest a concentrate.It's possible the present formula might have a better shelf life and be sharp.I wonder if it is known what is the effect of using metol base instead of metol.
As it happens, I made two batches at about the same time, one where I filtered as described and the other where I just left everything in. This is more or less comparable to making one batch with the base and the other with the hydrosulfate. The difference in the long run is just that one has more sodium sulfate in it. I cannot really tell the difference on FP4+. I am quite happy with either one. I would say that if you made up a batch by just mixing metol, sulfite and hydroxide, you would probably not be inclined to ask yourself if it could be better if you got rid of the resulting sulfate.

There is some obvious tanning with FP4+ and HP5+ which is reputed to be a sign of desirable edge effects. All I can say about that is that I haven't seen any better results from a non-staining single solution developer. Anyway, for 10 grams of metol and a little sulfite and hydroxide you can make a quarter liter to see if I'm lying. (Don't be alarmed. We talk this way in West Virginia.)