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Sorry, I confused you. You need .2 grams KBr per liter of the working developer. The directions I gave you were for mixing a 2% stock solution (2 grams/100ml water). KBr will dissolve in PG, but requires a higher temperature - around 200F in my experience.

I prefer to add the KBr to the working developer solution.

With regard to the metabisulfite, I have mixed Pyrocat both ways, and with the films I am using have seen no differences in developer activity or stain levels (blue channel densitometry). I agree that it is more conservative to leave it in the formula.
Once again, my typing fingers were out of sync with my brain. One ml of Pyrocat stock A should contain .002 gram KBr, so 1 liter of stock should contain 2 grams.

One liter of working developer containing 10ml of stock A needs .02 grams of KBr, thus 1ml of a 2% stock solution of KBr.