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Thanks Nick,

Makes sense, didn't think of that. I was also refering to do enlargements but I asked the wrong question.

I thought making a contact print or enlargement what I would have to do is that put the 8x10 exposed film on the back of the camera in between two glasses as you mentioned and use it as an enlarger and project it onto the wall to do it. Can it be done like so, too? If yes, I would like to do some enlargements rather than just contact prints?

I have never done a print so I thougth to get some help with it before doing any experiments with it.

To enlarge 8X10 negatives usually requires an enlarger that is capable of that format. Beyond that, the use of a camera as an enlarger, poses several problems. The first is that the aparatus must be capable of both precision and rigidity that is lacking in the taking camera aparatus. Beyond that a means must exist for a light source to illuminate the negative, to focus this light projected on the negative at the enlarging lens and furthermore that the enlarging lens have capacity to be focused on the print medium.

The rigidity issues arise because a camera exposure is normally on the order of less than one second and enlarger exposures are typically on the order of tens of seconds (any potential for movement is amplified by the time alone).

If you have the capability of exposing 8X10 negatives, you have two choices the first is to do contact prints only. The second is to buy an 8X10 enlarger. The third choice would be to obtain an 8X10 to 4X5 reducing back for your camera and expose 4X5 film after which you can buy a 4X5 enlarger so that those negatives could be enlarged (4X5 enlargers are several magnitudes less expensive than 8X10 enlargers).

Hope that this helps.