Hi Les
I have a ilford p3x 30 inch processor (bought new 1996-7) . I have been using the three contrast grades of cibachrome. For quite a while I used
CLMK grade which is in the middle of the three contrast grades. I always found the ciba chrome paper lacking in the blue area of the colour gamut. Sky , Levis pants , did not seem to reproduce well.
Recently we have been using the new Universal cibachrome for digital and traditional printing and I must admit the blue rendering is quite good. In fact we try to use this paper for all our printing as the contrast,colour saturation, and modulation is far superior than the two grades. CLMK and CFK.
I suspect this paper is the old cibachrome paper , slightly modified to react to the Lambda exposing unit.
We have seen a huge resurgence in this product in the last year and are quite happy(obviously) . As a printer of a lot of different medias in house I can honestly say cibachrome is a step above ink jet and ra4.
This product can be printed in a Jobo and I would encourage photographers to try it. Getting help from Ilford could be troublesome but a few stores like B&H do stock the materials to make prints.
One warning , the new product will give you headaches if you use a contrasty original, and making good masks are difficult but not impossible, therefore the need for the two lower contrast papers.