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g'day mhv, could you please expand this statement a little, i'm not sure i get your meaning

Ray, do a quick google for Bruegel's images like "Hunters in the snow" or "Numbering at Bethlehem," and you should see the similarity with the winter pictures (esp. "The Village").

As for the digital manipulations, look at "Boy with a Donkey" or "Street in Birgi" on this page: http://www.nuribilgeceylan.com/turke...ope5.php?sid=5

Or look at "Baker Boy in Urfa" and "Three School Children" here: http://www.nuribilgeceylan.com/turke...ope4.php?sid=4

There is so much dodging and burning everywhere that the tones look like crude CGI. Light seems to come from every direction at once and the shadows do not make any sense. In other words it looks like hell all over. Not all of the images exhibit such heavy handed retouching, so I can't see it as being used to articulate a consistent statement. It just seems as if he was trying to palliate for bad light, which is understandable, but he overdid it.