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I just re-read your post and if I understand you what you are not seeing is in the shadow areas. In the clear areas? If that is true then more EXPOSURE is needed and not more DEVELOPMENT. HP5+ is marginally a EI200 film. Exposing at EI 800 and developing in any developer will probably not give you the results you need.

Hrm... not the answer I was hoping for but it rings true. Looks like I might have to re-classify HP5 as my medium-speed film, or hell.. maybe after checking out EFKE, I'll end up moving wholesale to that. I've never used it before.

I've used Delta3200 and I remember not being wild about it, but I don't remember why. Also, I've never processed it myself -- so I'm always open to blaming the lab. I've never used Delta400 before. I have this dim memory that normal processing of Delta3200 in Pyrocat yields an ei of 800.

Hopefully Sandy King will chime in as the final word on things Pyrocat WRT the best way to pull maximum speed out of the rolls of HP5 I've already exposed.

Anyone know about using KRST with Pyrocat negs? Does it negatively affect the stain or just add more density in the visual range?

Barring further insights, I'm sorta inclined to just press forward doing minimal agitation DBI at 1:1:100, re-soaking in the used developer after I go light, then toning in KRST 1:10 or so for 10-15 minutes. I think the major pitfalls of doing that would be increased grain and chemical fog.

I'm also thinking that soaking in the used developer should probably go after a brief post-fix rinse, but before the Hypo Clearing Agent, right?