I recently shot a couple of 100ASA 35mm rolls at my local beach. I used my Praktica slr with 50mm lens and 28mm-200mm zoom. I used no filters, and paid the price of getting some 'hazy' shots back from the lab.

Bearing in mind our beach (or mudflats) is on the mouth of the Thames Estuary and we get a lot of shipping on the horizon, some of the hazy shots are ok (with cargo vessels in the haze). However, the close up stuff where I used depth of field for effect came out quite well. I think those shots were saved by the lens hood reducing flare etc.

I have yet to repeat this using a linear polar filter, but it is my intention to do so soon.

Anyhow, thats my most recent experience of beach photography. The results encouraged me to think I could improve on them with the addition of red and/or polar filter, depending on whether I'm shooting colour or b+w.

Sorry if this has not helped, but I am in no way an expert!