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Sandy ... I see the V28-VMS on the Amergraph site. Is this the same model as the ULF-28? Would this device also work for contacting/vacuum printing using the metal-halide lighting with conventional (silver) type paper (AZO, Galerie, etc.).

Ooops ... I see it now in the Alternative Photography section!!


The V28 is similar to the ULF-28 in many ways but it uses a metal halide light source. The CWX of the ULF-28 has several advantages, which you can read about in the article at unblinkingeye. The ULF-28 is also a multi-purpose exposing unit in that with the use of appropriate options it can also be used for exposing VC silver papers (with light integration and vacuum) as well as alternative processes. The conversion is made by switching to a low-power tungsten light source.