Google turns up an address and phone number for Central Photo, although I don't know if the info is valid anymore:

109 Elm Street SE, 87102

If the business is still around, I can vouch for the darkrooms as being very clean with fresh chemicals for each renter.

For what it's worth, both of my darkrooms have been in garages. The first was a 1-car setup. I sealed the door and had a dividing wall installed, giving me a 10x10 darkroom and my wife a 10x10 laundry room. Heating the room with an oil radiator was fast, and there was never any dust. My new garage is a 3-car, completely open setup. I print at night. Warming up the space was a problem last winter, which was the only real bummer about the setup. Perhaps I'll invest in a rotary processor and keep it inside the house next winter. I don't mind enlarging in the cold, but my trays cooled down very quickly.