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I tested the ULF-28 extensively over several months and offered my suggestions to AmerGraph as to how to optimize it as a multi-purpose printer that could work with most photographic processes, including alternative processes, contact speed silver chloride papers, and VC papers. However, since I print very rarely withi VC silver processes I decided not to have my own unit retro-fitted with the low power tungsten light source, so your question about hot-spots with this option is not something I can address. I have all of the other options offered except this one.

However, the desingers addressed the issue of even lighting so well in the initial desing I feel confident they did a good job with the low-power tungsten light as well.


Thanks, Sandy ... I plan to use the device mostly with the pending Lodima paper and any Azo that I might be able to find. VC and graded paper less frequently, but will probably go for the low-voltage lighting option to make sure I am covered for all possible papers.