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But do any of us give all, and I mean all, of our business to the local shops? How often do we just go in to browse. Or play with a new lens or camera and then go on ebay or order from B&H.
I can only speak for myself and say yes. My local camera shop is Adray in Dearborn. I have been going there for many years... and actually worked in the camera department from 1977-78. They have been very good to me, give me a very good discount and make it worth my time and money to go there. I do this because I want them to stay open. Nothing pisses me off more than people that use local retailers for information only to spend their money online somewhere else when ready to buy. Don't get me wrong though. I do go online for all the things I cannot get locally, but if they have it here, I will go there first.
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Don't kid yourselves, Calumet will be out of the film business before long.
Actually I think it is you who are kidding yourself. As long as there is film, which will be for a very long time to come, Calumet will be carrying it. I have seen enough positive statistics about film lately, particularly black and white, to calm any fear it is going away soon. Have you looked at any statistics on Digital sales as of late? You should. They are way down from last year alone. It is photography that is dying and not just film.