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What to do with the filtered metol base?

My computer only shows one page for this thread. The post at the top is the original one. It does mention what to do with the filtered metol base. I think it is a legitimate question. I suspect it is to be discarded.
Didn't mean to brush you off. My computer shows at the top of the second page part of the recipe that ends with a series of dots and a message telling where to click to get the full recipe. In point of fact, you do not really have to filter the stuff. Do the following:
Mix 40 grams of Metol with 85 grams of sodium sulfite in 750 ml of water. Add slowly 38 grams of sodium hydroxide while stirring. Bring the volume to 1 liter. Store it and use as you would Rodinal. I have found that the sulfate created by the neutralizatiion of the H2SO4 on Metol's tail has no photographic effect on the solution.