Hi Nexus.
The equipment you mention is worth the money if it has been used properly. The JOBO
CPP2 is, in my opinion, the best for film processing and prints both colour and B&W, but it is not automatic other than temp. control. It may be fitted with a lift device which makes the change of chemicals much easier and cleaner.

I also use a Durst enlarger and have done so for many years but mine is a 606, I use a Devere for large format. The enlarger is well up to he job and is worth the investment provided it has not been used to such an extent as to be worn on the racks or rickerty. With the enlarging lens you mentioned it is a bargain if it is all in good condition.

However, I do not think you should be thinking of making any money from the outset from this equipment, as it may be some time before you become competent enough to
enjoy processing other peoples work. That said, you are the only one to be a judge of that.