Quote:My first mail on this forum. I am total analogue noob of 40 years old and bowl from new Vennep. , however, already tijdje shoot digitally but want black blank analogously do because I find this simply more beautiful. I have been since a week the proud owner of a canon 30 I have wanted my films themselves learn develop. To print provisionally still even not. I have by means of Internet meanwhile reasonable clearly what I must buy to do this itself and also how this must. I have however in house simply absolutely no spot which I can entirely darken without all kinds of serious operations. Do ontwikkeltanks exist where you film at daglicht can stop itself and the that "automatically" film then the reel to do? Or there are other skilful solutions?

You can use a film changing bag (whatever it is called) where you stick your hands/arms into the bag without any light getting in and get the film off the spool and into the developing tank for processing. This is what I think you are asking. (Oh, does it get dark up there during the night? I'd just hang some towels over windows and such for remaining light leaks.)