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I recently acquired a Nikon F65 with 28-80 Nikkor very cheaply. It is ideal as a glovebox camera, but is useless for using bulk loaded film unless I want to shoot everything at 100 ISO. I have been searching the web for anyone who sells DX coding labels with no luck.

Does anyone know of a UK supplier that still sells these labels?

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I recently bought some of these labels in Jessops so that I could use self-loaded film in my P & S. The dust on the packs suggested that they weren't something Jessops are asked for every day.
As an aside, I've always wanted to fit a P & S with a yellow/orange filter for B & W but of course that would then end up underexposed if I rely on the DX coding of an over-the-counter cassette to set the film speed. Plan is to fit the filter and then fudge the DX coding so the camera thinks the film is say 50ASA when it's actually 125 ASA with a filter.