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what kind/brand of pigments are being used? I've always used tube watercolors for gum printing and would like to switch to powdered pigments. I get different results with different brands of watercolors, and I'm sure this is no different and would like to start off right.
I use Winsor and Newton tubes and also Schminke (because I like the name)
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Also, what is the technique for spotting alt prints? I've tried and tried with no luck and gave up a while ago, my "spot" always dries down to a different color. Is there a magic ratio of pigment to gum or something? Thanks.
Here is my tip-o-the-day. When you mix your gum and pigment, but BEFORE you add the dichromate, dab a little bit of the blend on a 3x5 card which has your printing notes on it (You DO write down what you are doing, don't you?). When you need to spot, just moisten a brush and pick up as much of the pigment from the card as you need to cover the blemish. This should match exactly, and all you need to do is dilute it to cover lighter spots.

I havent used the powdered pigments yet, but I may start to do so since they are much more economical.