I can say that I appreciate your efforts in trying to make this program or service work and to become a reality. I am saddened that participation is not stronger. I had placed my order and it exceeded my personal budget and looks to be a sizable portion of the packs ordered - I certainly expected to be dwarfed - but I felt compelled to order to insure that film was cut and made available. I also appreciate the offer to extend the order period. I hope that those that sat on the fence will step in and make the 2007 offer work.

IF the extension does not work - is it possible to set-up a time or a set of milestones leading to a new order period in 2008? My sense is that if folks now the period is coming up in advance they can set aside money etc... Plan and budget for purchasing film etc... This go around came up very suddenly, and I felt un preparred for it. I just bit the bullet and placed my order. Others may not have been so cavalier.

On the other hand you may be right... maybe it's an every two year event. I t may also be that some suppliers bought on speculation. My sense is that J&C did so... when I placed an order for 7x17 Wynit had it in stock. Without that speculation purchase - and perhaps other factors there could be a drop in the level of orders.

Cheers and thansk again! I hope this go round does not sour the Ilford/Harman management team on the commitment of ULF and odball format shooters to your film.