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Simon, isn't it time to focus on the rest of the photographic community? All of the focus on ULF isn't good for business. The only reason I would have to buy ULF is to cut it down to 5x7. If you want to subsidize the ULF then produce and sell a complete product line in smaller film sizes and emulsions.
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5x7" FP4+, and HP5+ are stock items that don't require a special order. B&H has them both in stock and can order Delta 100, as do other dealers, I suspect.
And Badger offers 5x7 Delta 100 in single box quantities too:


I'm not sure what is gained by disparaging the non-standard sizes special order program. All Ilford panchromatic emulsions are available in 5x7 except Pan F Plus and Delta 3200; Simon has already posted that the former never will be and Ilford is giving serious consideration to the latter. In 35mm and 120, it's all available.

More constructive use of bandwidth might be, as others above have done, to seek the root cause of this shortfall. I strongly suspect dealer/distributor stockpiling last time played a major role. Prime contender is the apparent total lack of dealer/distributor advertising that those sizes continued to be available from "stock."