Is Dan Burkholder making PT prints over inkjet?

Is this right?: coat your gum/dichromate, expose but not processing it and then recoating it with PT/PD then processing? I'm not sure that any of the PT would get into the paper, I could be wrong though. It may even depend on the color of gum thats used. Also, gum prints tend to have some 3D qualities and they seem thicker before washing, that may affect registration.........? Sounds interesting though, I think you'd get a totally different feel and look to the print this way as well. Definately worth trying.

As far as shrinking paper, I do it at home while cooking or drinking a beer(s) watching tv. BFK rives, 6-8 sheets at a time. I do this three times: Hot water soak for 2 hours and dry over night, then I size and harden them all at once as well. Now though my third soak will be in Oxalic acid if I plan for gum over. (I'm not sure that I need the oxalic for Ziatype though)

I also have a question for you Jorge: I read here that you did not have very good luck with ziatype, why is this? I've done only a few to this point (15) and can't say whether its good or bad I know I like what I see so far though. Having done so many Argyrotypes which is also humidity controlled (even moreso) I felt this was the way to go, especially after realizing how nice it is not to do any test strips, not yet anyway. I'm using FAO(A), Potassium Chlorate/FAO(b), LIPD(c) and PT/AU at 5%, were you using Potassium Dichromate? I chose the chlorate version because it is closer to the traditional PT/PD process it will even develop out with Potassium Oxalate.

Wow thats a long one, sorry.

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