This is how it's been for me.
As a dealer I try to stock 11x14, 7x17, 8x20 and 12x20 in the ULF sizes in HP5. Usually only a box or two, but I'm in Canada so the demand is lighter.
When they sell I add them to my next order of 8x10 and 5x7 films. Working this way I've been able to keep each of these in stock.
In Jan. I ordered five boxes of 7x17 for a client but only two shipped and the other 3 were backordered. Whynit was then out of 7x17 until the next shipment from England or the next run of film I'm not sure.
It was like that for the past few weeks, but I got notice this week that they just shipped a partial shipment of 7x17. So they've got some more in from somewhere.
Films like 8x20, although part of the ULF order, were shipped right away so they had those in stock as well. I also had a box of 10x12 Ortho on order that shipped right away.
As a dealer I was surprised how few orders I received before the deadline, but then I wasn't involved in last years go-round, and I'm in Canada and may be my price wasn't competitive... I never compared what anyone else was selling for.
As far as 5x7 goes, I'm able to stock both HP5 and FP4 but the Delta 100 has a minimal order of too many boxes. I would like to carry it if it was avalable one at a time, but really Delta 100 doesn't sell near as much as the other two films anyway. In fact in 8x10 I'm my best customer.