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Thanks David and Francesco, dont know I am starting to think this might not be the film for me. The PW is a good overall film, good expansion, good contraction. I guess I will give it a shot and do some tests....after all cloudy or overcast days here are rare...
There is no question but that the PhotoWarehouse 125 ASA film is better than JancC 400 for expansion and contraction. But the low EFS is quite limiting for me when working with the 12X20. I tend to make most of my negatives in low lighting and often get pushed into reciprocity.

I have found the JandC 400 film to have an effective film speed of a full two stops more than the PW 125 film and with regular processing in Pyrocat-HD it is capable of contraction development up to at least SBR 9 and for expansion down to SBR 6. And if you need lower you can selenium tone down for slightly more CI.

The new HP5+ is slightly better than JandC 400 for both expansion and contraction, but it is also a lot more expensive, at least from the sources with which I am familiar.

In any event if you really need the extra two stops of speed JandC 400 is a very useful film to have on hand.

Sandy King