I used a Noblex 150 w/focus & shift for about a year. Super sharp lens - my only gripe was the limited amount of shift available. I was inevitably always pointing 'up' which gave the typical curved horizon - something I personally don't care for. On hindsight this was probably more my inability to 'see' with the camera as I have seen some wonderful work done with the Noblex.

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This goes out to Noblex users...I'm borrowing a Noblex 150 this week to get a feel for the camera and format, thinking it's wise to learn before buying (and if anyone reading this has a Noblex they want to sell I will be in the market for one!) such unique equipment. I must say after 4 rolls it is absolutely addictive!

Here are some questions I'm wondering about:
1. I've been multiple exposing to create longer exposure times, and wondered how many users have the slow exposure module and if they recommend it?
2. My loaner has the fixed focus, and I'm wondering how many times have you wished for the 3 focus points? The lens/format is extremely sharp and I've barely been able to detect fuzziness in the foreground around f8 or wider.
3. Can you add or remove the magnetic filters while the camera is loaded with film?

I've only double-exposed 2 frames so far and haven't seen my fingers in any frames, so I'm doing okay. I look forward to any responses -