My first post on APUG! - I own a Noblex 150FS, with focus and shift capability, and I thought I would need them, but I've used the shift capability maybe 10 times, and the focus a total of 0 times, with maybe 200 rolls through my camera. I took a photography workshop a few years ago with Macduff Everton, and he showed us his Noblex - it was the plain vanilla one, no focus or shift, and he'd attached a bullseye bubble level to the front of it using silicon caulk (or something to that effect) so he could see if it was level while looking through the viewfinder. I've never used the long-exposure module, I've just set it to bulb and added up the appropriate amount of 1/15 sec. revolutions to get the exposure I wanted.

99% of the photos on my website, www.mlogue.com were made with my Noblex. Man, do I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I need to sell it to make way for a Fotoman 617, and I can't have 2 expensive panoramic cameras around the house. You don't get the curved horizons with a Fotoman (or any flat-focal plane camera) that you do with the Noblex. On the other hand, the Noblex is more compact and lighter than the Fotoman, so it's a trade-off.

Have fun!