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Is Dan Burkholder making PT prints over inkjet?

Is this right?: coat your gum/dichromate, expose but not processing it and then recoating it with PT/PD then processing? I Definately worth trying.
I always dry the paper after each step. Dry the pt/pd, size the print, dry again, and then do each gum layer, drying in between.

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As far as shrinking paper, I do it at home while cooking or drinking a beer(s) watching tv. BFK rives, 6-8 sheets at a time. I do this three times: Hot water soak for 2 hours and dry over night, then I size and harden them all at once as well. Now though my third soak will be in Oxalic acid if I plan for gum over. (I'm not sure that I need the oxalic for Ziatype though)
Try the Fabriano Extra White Hot press - no pre-shrinking, only a 5 minute 1% oxalic acid soak and dry cycle is needed. It registers perfectly (at least up to the 12x20s I am doing)

It's all great fun. Strangely enough, the more prints you do, the better you seem to get. Funny, that.