I'm wondering how others store their negatives I live in a fire-prone area of S. California. I know that it can be almost impossible to protect negatives in a wildfire. Now I store my negatives in a fire safe that is under the house in a concrete bunker that is half buried in the ground. I need to stack a bunch of water bottles on top for good luck. This is about as good as I can do, but I'm getting to have many negatives and am now thinking of enlarging my storage or only storing the 'keepers'. I know that in wildfires, if your place burns down, nobody is going to come along and cool the ashes with water and that firesafes, even those that are for media, will eventually cook their contents. For a while, when my work (day job) was in a very firesafe environment, I stored my negatives at work. This, however, is not very convenient. I'm thinking I will buy a large media safe and make the best of it.

So, what are you doing? Recommendations?