I am no where near where i usually get my non-pyro developer. I found a camera store run by a good guy in a small colorado town but all he had was DD-X I cannot find develoment information for this with classic 200/BPF/fortepan. Is there onyone out there using this combination or know what developer DD-x is clse too so i can get some development times? Is it cose to d-76 and Id-11. It was all the guy had. I know I will run out of pyrocat and wanted a back up. I assume I could start at 9 minutes but would like some info before starting.

There is something up with Kodak. I have been to four small camera stores in the past month who have lost their Kodak Dealership status because of what sounds like really dumb stuff. In this guy's case he had no need to buy disposable cameras from them because he would not be able sell them. They said if he wanted to continue gettng their chemistry then he had to, so now he does not carry the chemistry. Oh well. I have no problem with ilford stuff I just can't find starting times to test with. More pyrocat is on order but will not be here when I need it.