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Thanks Tom

The shot was done with a Canon EOS 3 with a 12 mm extension tube and a 28-105 mm Sigma Lens on 105 mm. I used APX 100 and developed in Rodinal 1+25 for 8 mins. The lighting was done with the above mentioned Ministudio from Hama and a Canon EZ-430 Speedlite mounted above and to the side. I believe I had an f-stop of 11 and 1/60 second, but I'm terrible at keeping notes.

Printed on Ilford MGIV RC portfolio glossy (postcard) and developed in Neutol NE 1+7 for 60 seconds.

Far to often I say that I'm not that interested in the technicalities, but then I keep making the same mistakes over and over because I'm sloppy on taking notes in controlled situations like this.

Birger A.
Thanks for your belated card. I hope you are feeling better? I really like the tent you were using to make this image. It gives non directional light which is very nice in certain situations. Very nice ,me like. See you in next round.