I've also used Efke PL100 in sheet film, and agree with what the others have said about it's fragileness. I, like Doug, had problems with it developing pinholes. It could be the water (we live in the same town) here. Or it could be temperature, as my tap water is seldom lower than 80F.

I haven't had a problem with the pinholes since I did two things - I now use plain water for the stop bath, and I make sure the solution temperatures are consistent.

I used Tri-X and HC110b for many years and liked it at the time. Since I've begun using PL100 and Pyrocat HD, I've never looked back for my view cameras. I am still looking for a 400 speed film for hand holding my Speed Graphic, so I may go back to Tri-X for that.

I'd be interested in hearing how you like Efke 100 with HC110.