If you are only doing 35mm, there are also Polaroid printers that were made by Vivitar and Sunpak. I think the DayLab versions are slightly better, though I do quite well with an old Sunpak.

The easist film for emulsion lifts is type 669, though you might experiment with some other pack films. After doing many emulsion lifts, and exhibiting the results, I have mostly switched to emulsion transfers. Doing transfers instead of lifts is something you might find tougher or easier, though it really is down to practice.


Hopefully that link takes you to the creative section of the Polaroid website. While it possible to use type 554 B/W film to do lifts, it requires hotter water and still does not work quite as well. When starting out, you might want to go with the smaller pack films. Then when you get better at it move up to the 4x5 or 8x10 films. Some people find Polaroid manipulation easy, while some find their first efforts involve wasting lots of film.

Fuji also make instant peel apart films, though they do not respond well to attempts to manipulate them. The base material is different and it seems that they attach the emulsion differently than Polaroid. You might also want to search through APUG, since there have been several good discussions of Polaroid manipulations in the past. Best of luck.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio