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You need a hydrometer to make a 14 Baume solution. for liquids heavier than water the conversion is:

SG (specific gravity)=145/(145-Bč)

If you substitute 14 for Bč then what you are looking for is a solution with a specific gravity of 1.106

If you ask me it is easier if you just eye ball it, maybe Clay or Kerik can give you some guidance. I would say the solution should be similar to a saturated solution of water and sugar. Good luck.
The pre-mixed stuff I get from B&S pours about like the light colored Karo syrup. Definitely has more viscosity than sugar water. Check out Sam Wang's article about tri-color gum on www.unblinkingeye.com. I believe he mixes his own gum solution from dry gum, and if I remember correctly, he outlines his procedure.