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Hey Richard!

I know what you mean...it kind of makes you worry about asking something sort of elementary when everyone else is at some level of 'high school'!

But, I have asked several very novice questions here (apropos since I _am_ a novice) and wonder of wonders...no one has posted anything that makes me feel sorry I asked! Oh sure, they may laugh themselves silly in front of their computers, but they are kind enough to not post it!

So have no fear!
[color=black]Thanks alot! I got loads of help from Andy K when I first started analogue around the end of May this year (Never having taken a real photo before in my life!)...and I think he nearly had a brain-fart when he tried to explain the concept of Depth of Field at the beginning!(I was rather slow on the uptake!) LOL[/color]
He was VERY tolerant of my dumb questions (and still is!)
Just from what I have read on the forums here in the last couple of days, I've learned alot.......but as I knew almost next to nothing to start with, lets just say my learning curve is almost vertical!
Any unsolicited advice in the future is very welcome, no matter what the subject! (Just imagine that you're trying to explain something to a child, and the penny will drop in the end! )