I've probably told this story elsewhere here, but...

I was born in Toronto, and my family moved here when I was five. My parents lived all their life in Toronto, except for my father who spent the 2nd World War in British Columbia.

When my father's father retired he, like a lot of veterans from the 1st World War, got a part time job with Maple Leaf Gardens.

He had a number of duties there, but the best one for us was that, at the end of the Leaf games, he was often the one who had the task of holding the penalty box door for the "Three Stars". This meant that once a week, on Saturdays, during the Hockey Season, there was a good chance that we would be eating dinner at the TV tables in the living room, and we might just catch a glimpse of Grandpa on TV, from 3000 miles away.

I am not sure whether most of those who weren't living in Canada during those years can understand what Hockey Night in Canada means to many of us.

My perspective may even be strange for those who live in the east - the Saturday games come on in the evening there.

If nothing else, I hope this might explain why that, except for when the Vancouver Canucks are playing, I tend to be a Leaf fan.

Guess some just like to suffer .