I've probably spent a couple of hours searching around on the net for something I like the best to turn on and off my dark green safelight during development by inspection. Concensus indicates a footswitch, but sloshing around in the dark, spilling unknown quantities of stuff on my counter and possibly on the floor, while running 110vac through a switch on the floor doesn't seem like the height of safety to me.

I ran across a post (photo.net?) from someone who attached a switch to a block of wood about knee high on their sink leg, and while that seems somewhat safer, what if I spilled something on the counter (got no sink yet) and it spilled down into the swich?

Right now, I've got one of those cheapie home-depot remote lamp switches that snakes down from the power strip on the ceiling where the safelight is plugged in, and I flip that on and off. Not safe, but operative.

Here's the weird idea I'm running through the apug discussion gauntlet:
What if I put an X10 lamp module on the safelight plug, then got a wireless doorbell-type X10 switch and screwed that into my counter? I've got a light switch type kill switch installed on the wall for my overhead power strip, so if someone else's X10 inadvertanly turns it on, or I spill something on the swich and short it out (I could always plaster a baggie on top of it to waterproof it), I would just kill the power from the wall.

Aside from the above, about the only downside I can see is that response to X10 signals runs about a half second to a second, so it wouldn't be as responsive as a directly connected switch, but it's the best thing I've thought of yet.

[font=Verdana][sidebar: I'm never sure how to gauge cross-disciplinary expertise in a given audience. If someone wants, I'll do the 2-3 paragraph summary answer to "what the heck is X10?"][/font]