Thanks guys for your responses.

Neal - I did that website (invisible light) within a year or two of starting IR - in the hope that I could easily recall the fears and anxieties I had when starting out.

I hasd come to the realisation that there were more myths about IR photography than facts - so I tried to clear the air a bit and present as simple a guide as I could. For example, the idea of bracketing exposures - sometime five times (!) in some books/articles, I realised was a total nonsense, particularly with an expensive film. Also Kodak's development times have always seemed way out in my experience (and others - including Alan Brown of the justmono site).

The beauty of it all is that non-expensive equipment can do it all. A simple manual focus SLR with, say, a Sigma 24mm and a standard 50mm is ample. Alan Brown, who first steered me in the right directions, takes 90%+ of all his shots with a Nikon F3 and a 24 Sigma.