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It's a good thing I'm not a cow then, eh?

Seriously, I have a couple of vantage points planned, both of which have high structures which are more likely to take a strike than me!


Don't stand too close to those structures. When they get hit, the charge usually spreads out through the ground and can electrocute people standing nearby. There have been many instances where animals (and people) sheltering under trees have died en masse because the ground was charged when the tree was struck.

Stay at least 30 metres from them, but better still, pack up when the first drops of rain start to fall on you. Lightning prefers to strike where the column of rain is. Stay near your car (that's the safest place to be because it is a faraday cage) and get in if you smell ozone, your hair starts to rise or you hear humming objects around you. Don't fool yourself into thinking those objects will take the strike - if you are out in a storm, you're in danger.