Well since we've kicked this one off again ...

Last night I was out with the wooden LF. Had the 4x4 backed up against a wire fence with the boot open so I could access the gear easily. Our local museum has beautiful old brick buildings with pretty good lighting at night and I thought it was worth a crack at. So with camera on the oversized tripod, on the end of the extension bar with the lens right against the wire fence, I was concentrating on the ground glass under the focussing cloth.
Suddenly there was barking under my feet so loud all the old steam engines came and looked out the museum windows, and I nearly broke my nice new fresnel lens with my nose. The security guard says WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Well, thinking offense was the best form of defense I said TRYING TO TAKE A PHOTO ......... AND YOU'RE IN THE WAY!
He says (quieter) "What of?" .......
I said "That building over there" (where the camera was pointing directly :rolleyes: !
He says "Oh" ... "Sorry"....."I thought you were trying to cut through the fence with some special equipment or something".

Come to think of it noew, some huge big Nikon signage right on the front would have been quite useful