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Simplest thing I can think of is an old fashioned pull string switch light socket. Mount the socket on the ceiling, put a screw in plug adaptor in it and plug in your safelight. All wires run at ceiling level and the string is made of an insulator. Only downside is having the string slap your face as you walk past it.
Hrm. That might be better/cheaper. Actually, the safelight I'm using with the green filter is a Kodak screw-in safelight, so no need for the plug adapter. I'd just replace what I've got now. Currently, I've got a ceramic socket screwed into the ceiling and wired to an AC plug that goes to the power strip. I'll just replace the socket with a pullchain one. Hopefully, I can find one that is far enough to the side of the socket to clear the rather large safelight. A very minor problem, though, compared to engineering something with X10 (which I found out tonight Lowes doesn't sell) or something that isn't wet-counter safe.

Thanks for the gray-matter food.