[QUOTE=Sparky;447351] Just wondering if others use a scanner to make their contact sheets...[QUOTE]

Yes, I've been doing it for years. I've even done a couple of articles about it: Shutterbug and AP, as far as I recall, but it's so long ago I've forgotten. What I like is the 'enlarged contact' (as David points out, they ain't contacts anyway) on A3.

A lot depends on what you think contacts are for. If they're just for reference, inkjets are fine, though they're a bit of a let-down when you put a loupe on them...

In fact, I sometimes even play with the image on screen: crop, dodge, burn, whatever. Of course it looks nothing like a silver halide print -- but if you're briefing a printer (Frances does almost all my printing) it's very useful.

To anyone who says, "You have to do your own printing," I'll add: yes, but I taught Frances to print, then she got better than I did...