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And, if Kodak does get out of film sales entirely, you can get color film from Ilford?

Well, if Kodak does get out of film sales, you can bet that posts like Dave's are at the root of it. Spread things around a bit! I buy both.


I agree with Photo Engineer.

Until the fateful day arrives, we really don't know who will be "The Last Man Standing" when it comes to Kodak or Ilford providing us with film, especially B&W. So until then, I continue to buy from both Kodak and Ilford, choosing my favorite products from each, until only one of them remains.

My only regret is that I cannot possibly buy/use enough film and chemicals to support either, much less both, Kodak and/or Ilford--not to mention other deserving film-related manufacturers whom I'd also like to support.