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Just like when you say a corporation has no human-side, they also have no desire to operate at less than optimal profit margin.
Do we have voices at Kodak and Ilford? Yes. They live in your wallet. Kodak is not going to produce film at a 5% profit margin, when they can produce digigizmos at a 10% margin. (I made those numbers up, but you get the point) Unless sales of digital products drops to a point where they are less profitable then film products, (or costs of production increase) it's only a matter of time before they sell the recipes to the film stuff to someone else and bid farewell to the film users.

Guess what. Ilford is not in the charity business, either, unless they have some not-for-profit status that I'm not aware of. Without knowing the financials of Ilford, I will venture to say that they will continue to sell film-based products, so long as those products remain their highest profit margin product. May not be long before the competition ceases to exist, and it'll be much easier for Ilford to produce at larger margins, but never assume you have a voice with them, any more so than you lack a voice with Kodak.
Shareholders are the only real voices of influence. (Maybe we can organize ourselves and buy 51% of Eastman Kodak!)

For the record, I'm going to continue to buy and use Kodak b&w films, D-76, Dektol, fixer and stop bath until they are no longer available.