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Not to put you on the spot (or to easily let you off ).
When you meter then push/pull your dev, what have you been getting when you are relatively happy with the results. I see you posted a pic. Was that metered?
mark, not sure exactly what you are asking . . . I accept my shutter as 1/180, I accept my aperture as f8 or f11 (holga). I meter and push/pull accordingly. I often have more than one scene on a roll, so in that case I will use an average iso to use as my dev time. example I ahev scenes I meterd for iso 400/ and iso 200/ and iso 800 on the same roll. I will dev for iso 400. Sometimes I have scenes with iso 400 and iso 3200. I will decide which pics I prefer and dev accordingly. Some get sacrificed.

For all the no-meter crowd . . . let it be known that I do this all in my head, no notes etc. I find it hilarious that I am too organized, lol. I am a slob with no methods of record keeping, just a good memory.