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I agree with Braxus. Thats what I found when I tried to deal with Kodak and sell sheet film. They're not interested in servicing small accounts and put you in touch with a middleman.
Of course now the pricing becomes so high it's not worth having inventory.
I've had much better luck selling Ilford products and Kentmere black and white papers.
Personally I liked the Kodak films and chemicals but I've totally switched to Ilford. They just seem more committed somehow.

Kodak put in place many years ago a higher yearly account minimum. I forget what it is but as a lab if you dont spend XXXXX grand a year then you can not buy direct. Again I dont know what the amount it but if you don't spend it then you have to pay the "small dealer" price which is basically so close to retail its a waste of time to stock the stuff. The employees used to get the small dealer price for film and I know it was pretty much the retail price at many stores.