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Governments across the world mismanage your social security, health insurance, civil liberties, corporate responsibilities, but somehow you are compelled to mount an attack on a perhaps overpriced acquisition of a work of art that is actually compelling, created with film, and which will enrich the collection of museums.

Corrent me if I'm wrong, but the governments I know don't "mismanage" the list of things we want, but they manage that way, so we keep paying them more taxes...

In Japan, we have a lot of expensive non-art objects called, "more highways, bridges, and road signs" everywhere, and there are so many of them that no one uses them. So, I always wonder if they are meant to be public art in the first place. It's just hard to imagine some people always give away contracts to certain construction businesses that they affiliate with because you know they are paying out of our tax money.

I have nothing against the price on the photo by Mr. Wall. If it's like a mural or wall painting because it's so big, it's not a high price at all. It's just for the museum but for their community as well. It's a justifiable thing to do, and I'm of course being sarcasitc.