Hi - thanks for the kind words. I use 1 of 3 films, pretty much exclusively: Fuji pro160c, pro400h and pro800z. I've been trying velvia for the last couple of weeks, but I just can't get the latitude I'm looking for. Chromes are nice to take a gander on with a light table, but for scanning and printing (epson 4990 and epson 2200), I've found that the three fuji neg films mentioned above work the best for me. I shoot probably 99% handheld as well, if that helps...

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I have a horizon 202 which I have considered upping to a 150 for a while.
I am a little frustrated bye the fact that I cant use grads etc, so have resisted this far. Looking at your site mlogue, the pics are very evenly exposed, no lost highlights etc, what film are you using?

Will print film such as Potra or NPS etc help with the contrast?

I find that I run out of latitude quite quickly even at the ends of the day with chromes. I am really keen on the perspective but the contrast thing is killing me.