The Greek Photographic Society of Greece is an organisation throughout the country with many local clubs. They cater mostly to amateur but even professionals join them. They are like every photo club in the world.
After a couple visits to their meetings, to their exhibitions but also taking part myself in one, I have decided they are not for me really.
My objections come mostly from their philosophy which seems to be Taliban-like: strict by the book following of the "Rules" (do not tilt the horizon, observe the 2/3rds, not more than one woman in the frame,etc) and a very restrictive certain aesthetic and subject matter choice.
Their leaders seem to have coined the term "The Cretan Movement" to picking out sterile photographs that represent Crete: the old man, the old woman, the cute child, the old village, etc. The rare photographs that are exempt are usually of over-dramatic, cheesy character, either because of the lighting, the staging or the subject matter. Most often, the winners in their contests have to fit those very particular styles, as if they are really aggresively pushing this Movement idea to establish themselves.

The problem is that they "rule" the local photographic world. Even the local public exhibitions and contests are judged and organised by them. Which of course means that the local photographers have to bend over to their ideals or their social manners to be part of the photographic scene. I've even heard the rumor, that the parent organisation decides each year the winners of the national contests before hand, before having even seen the photographs ("let's give it to Crete this year").

Here's their latest contest:
and their main page in english:

What do you think?
Am I overexagerating and being a snotty bastard?
How do I deal with it? Should I chill out and go with the flow?
Try to be accepted and learn to be cool?
I am at the beginning of my photographic life, don't I need the social networking?