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I bought some P-phenylene Diamine from Photographers Formulary last week (in anticipation of Harvey's 777 developer tests). It arrived early this week, looking like moon rocks in the plastic jar. Big hunks of rock with one of them being near clear!. Is this correct? Does this stuff need to be ground down to use? I have never seen this material before and I am not sure what to expect.

Any help would be appreciated. I wrote to PF a couple days ago explaining what I received, but have got no answer. It would be nice to get this project started.

tim in san jose
Tim, If you haven't read the Unblinking Eye article on 777, do so.


Para-phenyline-diamine is described as slightly soluble in water, alkaline solutions and sulfite solutions. Try dissolving the 7 grams in 100 - 200ml of 125F water - if the chunks don't dissolve well (and it may take a while), you will need to grind them up (mortar & pestle). Watch out, the stuff is toxic. Use gloves. See page 23 of The Darkroom Cookbook.

When mixing the 777 developer, the 7 grams of Metol should be dissolved first - add a pinch of sulfite to 500 - 600ml 125F water, then the Metol with constant stirring. After the Metol is dissolved, add the rest of the sodium sulfite.

Mix in the 100 - 200ml of Para-phenyline-diamine solution you made in the first step.

The 7 grams of Glycin should be dissolved last.