I experienced about the same here in DK. Though I had a good time in the photoclub I joinedback in 2001 it quickly became a question of producing pics for the competitions. Then the danish photosociety started interfeering with the rules of every single competition no matter if it was local, national or international. No it was more about administration than the joy of photographing, more about rules than expression your visions and more about D vs A than what do I like to do or learn.
When the judges of the competitions and a great deal of the members started bashing, taunt and scoff slides as a rule I quit. When I was there I experienced the greasepaper era, the round tower era and some more eras of that kind. one photographer succeed with greasepaper and soon all pics entered are done that way.
Photoclubs can be great places but they can also be a pain ita.