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No buts...get a footswitch. You need quick bursts of safelight (usually no more than one second in duration for each look), and you need to apply them while both hands are tied up holding a piece of film with nitrile gloves on.
I think I found one or two on eBay. The ones I found had a quarter-inch phono jack. If this is what you have, did you just replace the phono jack or did you replace the cable all the way back into the switch with a gauge more appropriate to 110vac?

I'm now thinking I could get one of these, wrap plastic around it, and put a couple of wire ties at the top to make it safer on the floor by the sink.

I really don't spill all that much, but sure as shootin', a hose'll burst leading into my print washer, or I'll have some other plumbing problem that'll make me wish I didn't have 110vac coursing through this metal thing on my floor.