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I truly do not think this is true. Most camera stores have purchased directly from Kodak, or a jobber..film intended for USA consumption. (if in the USA). It is only the large mail-order vendors such as B&H that have offered "grey market" product. Starting a "direct to Kodak" lab account is different from a retail store account for materials. Kodak may have a first time minimum order to establish an account, but I can almost guarantee you that once established you can order much smaller quantities. I remember years ago, if a photo lab (not retail store) wanted to purchase materials direct from Kodak, they had to have a certain volume of requirements to be able to do it...but that is a lab, not a store selling merchandise. I know the local (to me) camera store, which is a regional chain can special order one box of sheet film, or a brick of 35mm or roll film (20 rolls).
I have not found made in the USA Tri-X in 35mm or 120 at any Boston-area or Washington-D.C. area camera store - except for Calumet Photographci - since late 2003. Not even good-sized chains like Hunt Photo and Video in Boston or Penn Camera in D.C. In the past 12 months I haven't done any real retail buying, so this may have changed again. But I noticed the 400TX on sale at my local Best Buy, recently, was not made in the USA.

I can't put this phenomenon in the context of the alleged order minimums. I am unsure as to whether the minimums exist, I'm just offering a possible consequence.