These comments about Retrophotographic are very interesting... I ordered 2 boxes of Rollei Retro 400 over the phone two weeks ago. After a week of waiting I rang them up and was told that they had made an error and had not put the order against my name and address - it would be sorted out and sent. Very nearly a week later and I rang again, only to be told that he hadn't sent it (kind of obvious really). I explained that I was none too happy and had expected it to be sent on the previous Friday and the reply was "...well, I f**ked up...". Great customer service! He did say that the package should be arriving today - which it did - but with only ONE of the TWO boxes that I ordered. I note that The full amount for two boxes has been cashed and the delivery note just says "1 more to follow", with no explanation as to when or why.

Not entirely sure I'll be dealing with Retro again - it was a lot less hassle when I ordered my film from the U.S.!